Sunday, March 13, 2016

Projects don't grow unless you work on them

The past two weeks have been rough. I had to have emergency surgery to remove my gallbladder on March 1 and I'm still recovering from it. My birthday was on March 5, and it was my first birthday post-cancer diagnosis. I was grateful for the birthday and owned up to my 34 years. 
For my birthday, I got a new serger. I haven't really gotten a chance to try it out yet, but this week is Spring Break, so I'm hopeful that I will have some time (between the doctors appointments and the spring cleaning that desperately needs to happen at my house). I have a teal Moneta cut out that needs to be made up, so that should give the new serger a great warm-up. I may even write up a mini-review of it. 
I'm working on a crochet baby blanket for a friend at church, but I have discovered that it won't grow unless I actually work on it! It's a cute pattern that I bought through Ravelry that has some filet-type hearts on it. Can you see the pattern yet? 

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