Sunday, January 3, 2016

I conquered the zipper!

Dear blog,

I conquered the zipper! It took many more tries, but it is in. I also hand stitched the lining this evening. It's really looking like a dress now. Tomorrow, I plan on doing the sleeves and then the skirt hem in the only thing left. While I'm very excited to have a #memade dress to wear, I'm also trying to go slow and enjoy the process. The only problem with these plans is that I go back to work tomorrow after Christmas break, so I won't have the same kind of time I had for the last two weeks.

I am also working on a knitted cardigan. The pattern is called Myrna by Andi Satterlund. I'm making it in a beautiful light blue Cascade 220 superwash. I'm participating in Andi's Selfish Sweater Knitalong aka SSK2016. 

Until next time,

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