Saturday, January 2, 2016

New adventures

Dear blog,

Today I am starting a new adventure called blogging. My aim is to document my crafty and creative pursuits. Mainly, I crochet, knit, and sew. But I also dabble in many other creative outlets.

My latest adventure is sewing clothing for myself. I recently fell in love with the Emery Dress pattern by Christine Haynes. There are so many beautiful versions on instagram! After buying the digital version of the pattern, I printed and taped it all together. Unfortunately, my new printer didn't print it right, but I didn't realize it until muslin #1 didn't fit. So I reprinted and tried again. Muslin #2 didn't fit....I made 4 muslins before the bodice fit the right way. I also wanted to make sure that I could put in an invisible zipper before I started the real dress, so I made a quick skirt and used the pocket pattern and the invisible zipper directions from Emery. First zipper install was, well, creative. I guess I twisted the zip around the wrong way and I couldn't get the thing zipped after sewing it in. So I ripped it out and tried again. Second time success!

Then I was ready to cut into my "real" fabric. For my first Emery (I am already planning many, many more!), I chose a red and light blue polka dot quilting cotton from Joann's. I carefully cut the pieces and serged around the edges, then sewed the darts and pressed everything. This evening, I got all the way to the point where you install the zipper. I had to make anther trip to Joann's for another invisible zipper foot (I accidentally sent the first one with the old sewing machine when mom brought the new one). I tried on the dress with the skirt attached before I inserted the zip...and it was too big! After a few more alterations and a lot of trial and error with the muslin, I installed a zip on the muslin to make sure it fit. Second time success with that zip, too! Now comes the best part...I installed the zipper correctly the first time! Or at least I thought that...until I couldn't move the zipper pull. It turns out that when I pressed the zipper, I didn't press it good enough and part of the zipper tape was caught in the stitches and the zipper pull was getting caught in them. No big deal, right? I've taken two tries with the other zippers, so this one is par for the course. So I get out the seam ripper and start taking out the zipper. But we all know what happens with seam rippers. I cut a hole in the zipper! Thankfully, I didn't cut the dress fabric.

So tomorrow's adventure will be buying another invisible zipper and trying again. So far, the score is: Zippers 3, Melly 2.

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